Monday, March 15, 2010

MAC Pret-a-Papier Summer 2010

Just when you thought Spring was finally starting, MAC springs Summer on you in a very neutral way.

MAC Pret-a-Papier
U.S. Launch Date: April 22, 2010

Craft Paper Couture – an inspired idea cut like a pattern and whipped up into a frisky little “funny face” frock. Then, strip it back to its essence for Summer 2010 for a Pret-a-Papier colour collection. It was a Project Runway challenge of sorts, with paper as the source, the instigator of ideas, the beginning of something simply, basically beautiful. Lipstick, LipGlass, Eye Shadow, Paint Pot, Chromographic Pencil, Studio Fix Lash, Impeccable Brow Pencil, Sheertone and Mineralize Blushes, and Nail Lacquer in a seamless spectrum of parchment-to-vellum beiges, with an occasional, clever colour spill, coral among the most au courant.

Impeccable Brow Pencil $15.00 U.S.

  • Dirty Blonde -Blackened dark neutral-brown (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

  • Taupe -Mid-tone dirty taupe (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Chromagraphic Pencil $14.50 U.S.

  • NC15/NW20 -(Limited Edition at Counters/Freestanding, Permanent at PRO)

  • NW25/NC30 -(Limited Edition at Counters/Freestanding, Permanent at PRO)

Blush $18.50 U.S

  • Instant Chic -Mid-tone muted coral (Sheertone) (Limited Edition)

  • Garb –Light golden suntan (Sheertone) (Limited Edition)

Lipglass $14.00 U.S.

  • C-Thru -Peachy beige with shimmer (Permanent)

  • Fold and Tuck -Mid-tone bright coral with soft pearl (Limited Edition)

  • Pret-a-Papier -Dark reddened bronze with pearl (Limited Edition)

Mineralize Blush $23.00 U.S.

  • Light Over Dark -Light yellow brown / dark peach (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Lipstick $14.00 U.S.

  • Archetype -Sheer light gold (Lustre) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

  • Dressmaker, Dressmaker -Creamy light peach coral (Lustre) (Limited Edition)

  • Made to Order -Creamy mid-tone dirty coral (Lustre) (Limited Edition)

  • Kraft -Creamy mid-tone warm brown (Amplified) (Limited Edition)

Paint Pot $16.50 U.S.

  • Coral Crepe -Soft coral (Limited Edition)

  • Groundwork -Mid-tone neutral taupe (Permanent)

Eyeshadow $14.50 U.S.

  • Tissue Weight -Frosted pale peach (Frost) (Limited Edition)

  • Bamboo -Light beige with peach (Matte) (Permanent)

  • Cut to Fit -Frosted red bronze (Frost) (Limited Edition)

  • Gazette Grey -Dark green-grey with gold pearl (Velvet) (Limited Edition)

  • Memorabilia -Dirty purple (Matte) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Nail Lacquer $12.00 U.S.

  • Brown Bag -Mid-tone warm dirty beige (Cream) (Limited Edition)

  • Originality -Sparkly copper bronze (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Are you digging the neutrals in this collection or are you more into color?



  1. Not a problem! You're definitely a favorite blog of mine (check out my blog lovin tab :) ). You got me trying La Prairie, which was slightly evil of you. It was so pricey pricey lol

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