Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A fatal attraction to cuteness

Gotta love a cheap find. All these cute goodies are $40 or under! Couldn't pass up the Hello Kitty...

Left to right: Ruffle Flower Necklace, Tiara Crown Ring, Love Stones On Chain

Left to right: Soaring Swallow Ring, Hello Kitty Key T-Cap, Oh Pear Bracelet

Left to right: Vintage Earring Set, Zebra Sunglasses

Items available at Topshop, Modcloth, and Forever21


  1. Lovin the ruffle flower necklace!

  2. Such pretty stuff! I always forget about accessories when I'm shopping for some reason, definitely need to update mine for spring/summer though!

  3. I just clicked on this articles as soon as I saw that cute Hello Kitty. I'm a dedicated fan for life if I can say this. :)Those sunglasses looks great too. My best friend is crazy about sunglasses with white frames :)

  4. Laura- Me too! I tend to forget so I've been trying to purposely look at accessories. It's been working.

  5. I think I've loved Hello Kitty since I was born :)

  6. Helena- Me too! I wish the s&h costs didn't cost as much as the dang necklace. But then again they have such cute things at topshop.



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