Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! I started this blog in 2010 and this past year have grown in views by the month. I'm so grateful to have you as my readers. I wish nothing but the best to all of you in 2011! Stay safe this New Years Eve!

As for me, I'll be toasting the New Year with my mocktail of choice, strawberry lemonade -- ohhh yeahhh!

Coming soon, little baby peaches, May 2011. Isn't he the cutest?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MAC Jeanius, Spring 2011

Spring color collections are just rolling in! Up next is MAC's Jeanius Spring 2011 collection. To my knowledge, the last time MAC did a jean inspired collection was in 2002 or so. I know that because I still have my Denim Dish quad from back then. I'm really digging the lippies and the nail polishes. What about you?

MAC Jeanius Collection
U.S Launch Date
: March 3, 2011

Eyeshadow $19.50 U.S.?
• Diva In Distress -Mid-tone gray with silver pearl (Limited Edition)
• Motorhead -Mid-tone blue with copper pearl (Limited Edition)
• Stove Pipe Black -Black with copper pearl (Limited Edition)
• White Jeanius -White with silver pearl (Limited Edition)

Lipglass $14.50 U.S.
• Docile -Chrome pink peach with gold (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Fabulous Felines, ’10)
• Indigo Pink -Deep burgundy with blue pearl (Limited Edition)
• Painted On -Grayish beige with gold pearl (Limited Edition)

Lipstick $14.50 U.S.
• Acid Washed -Grayish beige with gold pearl (Limited Edition)
• Pretty Please -Pale pink pearl (Lustre) (Permanent)
• Riveting Rose -Deep burgundy with blue pearl (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer $13.00 U.S.
• Biker Blue -Black base with purple and blue pearl (Limited Edition)
• Frayed-to-Order -White matte with soft pink duochrome pearl (Limited Edition)

Blush $18.50 U.S.
• Overdyed -Bright magenta (Satin) (Limited Edition)
• Pink Cult -Mid-tone neutral pink (Matte) (Limited Edition)

Penultimate Brow Maker $16.50 U.S.

Penultimate Eye Liner $16.50 U.S.
• Rapidblack -True black (Permanent)

Source Source

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you have an amazing time with your families and get everything you want. BTW calories don't count on holidays ;-)

If you needed help figuring out how to wrap oddly shaped presents, you should watch this.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

MAC Cham Pale and Stylishly Yours Haul and Swatches

Happy Eve of Christmas Eve everyone! If you were nuts like me, then you ran to the mall last minute to see if MAC launched Cham Pale and Stylishly Yours early. I'm nuts apparently. These two collections launch officially on Dec 26th.

On to my haul!

Top left to right: Vintage Selection Paint Pot, Chilled on Ice pp, Dangerous Cuvee pp. Bottom: Chez Chez Lame Special Reserve Highlight Powder.

Left to right: Vintage Selection Paint Pot, Chilled on Ice pp, Dangerous Cuvee pp.

With flash- left to right: Vintage Selection pp, Chilled on Ice pp, Dangerous Cuvee pp.

Natural light- left to right: Vintage Selection pp, Chilled on Ice pp, Dangerous Cuvee pp.

Vintage Selection is a pinky peach, chunky glittered, frosty, sheer, paint pot. Got all that? These swatches are layered so they show up! Chilled on ice is a sheer frosted white gold with some chunkiness. Dangerous Cuvee is a sheer frosted cool grey with some chunkiness. You can use these as a base or as a shadow. I'm currently wearing Vintage Selection alone (see below) and love the result! I've experienced no creasing in the last 6 hours. Love the shimmer!

Chez Chez Lame

MAC Fail! Play it Proper Beauty Powder. Note to self, always check the box before you head home...

With flash- left to right: Chez Chez Lame, Play it Proper.

Natural Light- left to right: Chez Chez Lame, Play it Proper.

Chez Chez Lame is a soft gold with silver shimmer highlight powder. It feels super soft in the pan and goes on sheer and soft. I noticed it doesn't go on as strong or frosty as Mineralize Skin Finishes or as pearly as beauty powders.

Play it Proper Beauty Powder is a light pink with silver shimmer. I found it to be extremely powdery (haha well it is broken.... powder got everywhere!) This might show up ashy on some darker skin tones.

I'm wearing Vintage Selection on the lid and Chez Chez Lame on my cheeks on top of MAC Hipness blush. See how subtle Chez Chez Lame is? This was me piling it on with my newly acquired face brushes from Sigma (Thanks Productrater!!!)

So what do you think? Will you be picking up treasures from either collection or will you be passing? Keep in mind Peacocky and Mickey Contractor both launch January 6th... Don't you hate when MAC puts out large collections back to back?

Disclosure: I bought everything featured.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MAC and Mickey Contractor Spring 2011

Just in time to empty your wallets some more, MAC is launching a new spring collection with Mickey Contractor. I'm really liking what this collection looks like but I can't wait to see it in person! It makes me glad I'm passing on the Cham Pale quad. What do you think you'll get from this collection?

MAC and Mickey Contractor Collection
U.S. & International Launch Date
: January 6th, 2011

Who is Mickey Contractor, and why can’t about a billion people live without him? The answer involves breaking out into song and dance, because long before Glee, Mickey made the dashing heroes and exotic enchantresses of Bollywood Cinema into the famous faces throngs of fans want to look like. As M·A·C’s Director of Makeup Artistry for India, he’s more than an icon to a glamorous Eastern audience – he has mentored in-the-know Artists around the world for over three decades. These exclusive collections of Mickey’s musts are all about natural skin tonality and total performance, in addition to colour with a touch of exotic cine-magic. Foundation, Concealer, Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, goddess-gorgeous Eye shades, Lipstick, Lipglass and Blush, with his favourite brushes to star in your own big Bollywood hit.

Lipstick $14.50 U.S.
• Yash -Deep neutral (Matte) (Limited Edition)
• Mehr -Dirty blue pink (Matte) (Limited Edition)
• Gulabi -Bright fuchsia (Amplified) (Limited Edition)
• Mocha -Peachy yellow-brown (Satin) (Permanent)

Lipglass $14.50 U.S.
• Flesh -Dirty nude brown (Frost) (Limited Edition)
• Lust -Soft muted pink (Frost) (Permanent)

Athma Eyeshadow Quad $36.00 U.S.
• Folie -Reddish-plum brown (Satin) (Permanent)
• Carbon -Matte black (Matte) (Permanent)
• Jaan -Light neutral with soft gold pearl (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
• Vivah -Brown with gold pearl (Lustre) (Limited Edition)

Eyeshadow $14.50 U.S.
• Saffron -Deep coral caramel (Satin) (Limited Edition)
• Rani -Bright fuchsia with soft pink pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
• Marvel -Deep purple with soft pink pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
• Oomph -Forest green with soft gold pearl (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)

Fluidline $15.00 U.S.
• Ivy -Bright green (Frost) (Limited Edition)
• Siahi -Deep turquoise blue (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Blush $18.50 U.S.
• Gana -Bright white gold (Frost) (Limited Edition)
• Sur -Dirty rose brown (Satin) (Limited Edition)

Studio Fix Fluid Foundation $26.00 U.S.
NC41, NC43.5, NC44.5 (Limited Edition)

Moisturecover Concealer $16.50 U.S.
NC23, NC43, NC44, NC45.5 (Limited Edition)

Moisturecover Double-End Concealer $21.00 U.S.
Coral Corrector/Yellow Corrector (Limited Edition)

219 Pencil Brush $24.50 U.S. (Permanent)
239 Eye Shader $24.50 U.S. (Permanent)
116 Blush Brush $32.00 U.S. (Permanent)
Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder $22.00 U.S. (Permanent)


FOTD: Holiday Party Time!

Hi everyone! It's been a long time coming but here's a new FOTD. I hope you enjoy my chunky monkey preggo face. I'm 20 weeks preggo, halfway there! If you hadn't heard, we're having a boy! I've been feeling good but the back pain is starting to rear it's ugly head. It's just mostly aches and pains here or there. I sound like an old lady now...

This is a look I did for my holiday company party a weekend or so ago. Looking at these pictures and past pictures, I notice that I really need to toss my MUFE #117. It's just a bit too yellow and light for me (it's like an NC15-20 equivalent).

I really wanted to use my Family Crest pigment from the MAC A Tartan Tale collection since it was just collecting dust under my sink. Speaking of collecting dust, I really need to have a blog sale to unload some things before the new collections come out.

Be on the lookout for a giveaway in the new year!

Make Up For Ever MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation #117
YSL Touche Eclat #2
MAC Dollymix Blush
MAC MSF By Candlelight

Eyes- All MAC unless noted
Family Crest Pigment (lid)
Black Tulip from Spring Colour Forecast Quad 3 (crease)
Jungle Moon from Spring Colour Forecast Quad 3 (outer V)
Beautiful Iris (inner eye)
Urban Decay Naked Palette-Virgin (highlight)
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk
Urban Decay Primer Potion Original
Milani Liquif'Eye Black Eyeliner
Lingering brow pencil
Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara

MAC Bubblegum Lipstick
MAC Docile Lipglass

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ultraflesh Panthera Mascara Review

Ultraflesh Panthera Mascara just makes me giggle. It's a special mascara, it's made of bits of real panther and stings the nostrils, in a good way. They've done studies you know, 60% of the time it works every time. Wait that makes no sense.

Quick take: Ultraflesh Panthera mascara is AWESOME! It's totally deserving of a holy grail status- A+ indeed! It does it says it will and only took two coats to make my lashes look fake. I think I might like this more than Diorshow Iconic just based on it being much easier to remove.

Ultraflesh was recently introduced to Sephora as an exclusive brand. Only making one product, Panthera Mascara is a pretty strong entry into the makeup market.

What the product claims:
This volumizing, super-defining, and long-wearing Ultraflesh mascara gives the term "cat eye" new meaning. Formulated with a blend of natural waxes, it maintains the lashes' soft, pliable feel while keeping lashes conditioned and promoting healthy growth. The dual-purpose Panthera brush combines a full brush experience with a comb on the other side to create definition and length without clumping or smudging.

The good:
Does exactly what it says it will. This mascara leaves my lashes full, long and super jet black without flaking or fading throughout the day. My lashes looked the same at the end of the day as when I first applied it. I had no problems with smudging either. My lashes were left soft and the mascara was easy to remove.

The not so good:
The ears of the panther are kind of pointy so watch out! Some might not like the price.

Pointy ears!

The brush has a comb on one side to define your lashes.

One coat of mascara.

Two coats of mascara.

Available at Sephora, $26. Just look for this at the end of the aisles in the mascara display that houses Sephora's favorite mascaras.

Disclosure: I bought this myself :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MAC False Lashes Mascara Winter 2011

Hold up, I have yet another launch for MAC to announce today. MAC's releasing a new mascara called False Lashes. This mascara was just promoted in the Marcel Wanders Couture Collection in November. Also if you're familiar with Prescriptives Cosmetics, I hear this is a relaunch of their false lash mascara but in the MAC line. Perscriptives folded this past year but was owned by Estee Lauder Corp who also owns MAC.

Have you had a chance to check this mascara out yet? How do you like it?

MAC False Lashes Mascara
U.S. Launch Date:
December 26th, 2010
International Launch Date: January 11, 2011

We’re all evolving– better, braver, more beautiful – every day. So consider the Lash, the durability of design, function, formula, elegance and, of course, the desire to astound: False Lashes debut at M∙A∙C, created to take nature further forward than ever before! The illusion of extensions, made real without anything but a vital new mega-multiplication formula, creating extremities of volume and curl for a dramatic end look, thickening for what we call the “look alive” eye – wide awake, wonderfully well rested, glamorously engorged – applied with the uniquely engineered double-lush brush for the ultimate lash evolution. Nature take note!

MAC False Lashes Mascara $18.00 U.S.
• False Black -Black (Permanent)


MAC Peacocky Spring 2011 (with pictures!)

Here's yet another post Holiday collection from MAC. MAC's Peacocky Collection is a very colorful collection, hence the name. I'm digging the new lipgloss formula. I'm always on board for non-sticky glosses. Due to the price of the eyeshadows, I'm guessing they're as big as the ones that came out with the Tartan Tale collection. That's kind of a bummer since I love to de-pot eyeshadows. Also, what the heck MAC. You put out 15 something eyeshadows with this collection for dang near $20 a pop. That adds up to $318 with tax for me. I guarantee I wont go overboard with this one. Baby needs a crib.
What do you think of this collection? Will you be hauling?

MAC Peacocky Collection Spring 2011
U.S. Launch Date: January 6th, 2011

Arrogance or elegance? The showy display, the undeniably sexual spectacle, the iridescent irreverence…it’s awe-inspiring. We fetishize the exotic peacock as a symbol of extreme beauty, an act of elaborate nature, raging against everything simplistic. Peacocky fans out in a foray of intense colour for Lips and Eyes, exotic and sophisticated with a touch of ’30s F. Scott Fitzgerald glamour and mesmerizing metallic sheen. New Kissable Lipcolour combines full flash with creamy comfort. It’s molten, with elastomer technology that imparts a velvety, aerated feel without sacrificing shine. Light as a feather. Mega Metal Shadow gleams like chrome, with light-reflecting properties – yet creamy, crease-resistant, vitamin-fortified flexibility. Dramatic doesn’t even begin to describe the girl who knows she’s Peacocky.

Kissable Lipcolour $18.00 U.S.
Kissable Lipcolour provides medium coverage with the creamy comfort of a lipstick and a shiny finish of a lipgloss. The lightweight, comfortable formula is loaded with super emollient ingredients that provide a cushiony feel on the lips. The colour flows like silk, encasing the lips in creamy, luscious colour. Like a molten lipstick, the product melts onto the lips and feels light and airy. It provides medium coverage with a luminous, smooth finish. It’s feather-resistant and wears for hours.

• Enchantée -Light blue pink
• Exxxhibitionist -Red-toned coral
• Flaunting It -Grey mauve
• Love Peck -Blackened blood red
• Peacocky -Sky blue with red pearl
• Scandelicious -Blue fuchsia
• So Vain -Muted dirty coral
• Strut Your Stuff -Bright true red
• Super -Muted neutral brown
• Temper Tantra -Mid-tone reddish brown
• Vanity Fair -Mid-tone blue pink
• Woo Me -Light pinky nude

Mega Metal Shadow $19.50 U.S.
Mega Metal Shadow long-wearing and consists of metallic powders that provide a light-reflection, intense metallic finish that looks brilliant on the skin. It delivers medium-buildable coverage that won’t fade or crease. The formula contains vitamins a & e, antioxidants that help condition the delicate eye area. The creamy powder ensures an even, smooth application that lasts all day and easily blends with little fall-out.

• Centre Stage -Frosted chocolate brown
• Dalliance -Light champagne
• Dandizette -Navy with silver pearl
• Ego -Forest green
• Mating Call -Dirty frosted violet
• Noir Plum -True purple with silver pearl
• Odalisque -Deep teal
• Paparazz-she -Deep copper bronze
• Peek-at-You -Frosted yellow white
• Prance -Frosted mauve pearl
• Sexpectations -Metallic burgundy
• Spectacle of Yourself -Deep bronze
• Top of the Posh -Frosted white pink
• Tweet Me -Gold bronze
• Unflappable -Frosted black with purple pearl


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MAC Stylishly Yours Winter 2011

Just in time for your holiday returns and after Christmas shopping, MAC's putting out a fun and colorful collection called Stylishly Yours. Will you be hitting up the MAC store when you do your returns? I, of course, am loving the pigments. Anything here appeal to you?

MAC Stylishly Yours Collection
U.S. Launch Date
: December 26th, 2010

Lipstick $14.50 U.S.
• Style Curve -Bright violet purple (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
• Something New -Creamy bright blue pink (Amplified Creme) (Limited Edition)
• Neon Orange -Bright clean orange (Amplified Creme) (Permanent at PRO)
• Cockney -Sheer yellow red with multi-dimensional pearl (Lustre) (Permanent now) (Repromote from Euristocrats, ’09)

Lipglass $14.50 U.S.
• Clear -Clear (Permanent)

Pigment $19.50 U.S.
• Madly Personal -Bright pink (Limited Edition)
• New Fixation -Bright fuchsia red with soft pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
• Follow Your Fancy -Bright coral with pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
• Violet -Violet with pink pearl (Frost) (Permanent)

Cream Colour Base $16.50 U.S.
• Tickle Me Pink -Poppy creamy bright pink (Limited Edition)
• Movie Star -Mid-toned blue red (Limited Edition)
• Madly Magenta -Magenta purple (Permanent at PRO)
• Virgin Isle -Clean, bright coral red (Permanent)

Fluidline $15.00 U.S.
• Dark Diversion -Blackened plum (Limited Edition)
• Blacktrack -Flat black (Permanent)

Beauty Powder $25.00 U.S.
• Too Chic -Soft peachy cream with fine shimmer (Limited Edition)
• Play It -Proper Pastel soft pink with sparkles (Limited Edition)

Zoom Lash Mascara $14.00 U.S.
• New Hue -Blackened burgundy



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