Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fendi makes me want to craft up this joint.

Feeling crafty? Boy does Fendi have the purse for you... I'd better sharpen up on my needlepoint skillz ASAP.

Craft couture—this innovative kit has everything you need to make your mark on the signature Fendi baguette. Get silly, get serious, get crafting. The entire bag is your blank canvas. 

Available at a Michael's errr I mean Neiman Marcus near you ;-)


  1. The only thing that prevents me from rushing out to buy this is the knowledge that I am hopeless with needle and thread.
    Oh - and the price tag.

    Still, it looks just wonderful.

  2. Dude... I am so bad at DIY. If I'm paying that much money, I want someone else do do it for me!

  3. Danielle- If you feel like buying it, you should have my mom needlepoint that sucker for you, she's goooodddd.



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