Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! How was everyone's week? Mine was relatively painless. I'm soooo happy for another weekend especially since I'm headed to Disneyland. BTW don't forget to enter my blog giveaway! Click here to enter.

On to my Friday Favorites!

 How fantastic is this! It's a jewelry box and floor mirror all in one. GENIUS! Now to find the space for it.


I love watching makeup tutorials from Holly Ann-AeRee. Here's a simple smokey eye makeup tutorial she did using Maybelline eyeshadow.

I'm excited for the new Twilight movie but not this excited.


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Have an amazing weekend!


  1. I cracked up when i saw the Twilight tattoo! hahaha!! People are serious for Edward Cullen~ haha! i like Twilight too but not to that extend. dang~

    I need one of them Jewelery box~ but too bad, i don't have that many pair of jewelery to store.

  2. oh wow - ppl really go all out for Twilight!

  3. OMG, you read Paisley Petunia too? I love it! She's a friend of a friend. I think I'm going to get this one after reading that post.

    And I am *so p!ssed* that someone else has my same Twlight tatt!

  4. That jewelry mirror box is AMAZING! So perfect. :)

    Bre @



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