Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chanel Les Pop-Up de Chanel Mini Haul

Every year Chanel puts out one or more coveted nail colors and this year was no exception. When I saw the promo pics I was in love with the teal nail polish, Nouvelle Vague. The pinks? Eh I have many pinks that look like them.

My haul- Nouvelle Vague and Double Perfection Compact in 1.5 Ivory Beige (MAC NW20 equivalent)

Swatch of Nouvelle Vague

I've never tried Chanel's foundation powder before, but the reviews from others have been good. So far, I find it to be extremely close to the Dual Finish Foundation Powder by Lancome but I find it to be a little less powdery looking. Otherwise, It's only been a day of using it so hopefully I'll have a better opinion of it soon.

Nouvelle Vague on the other hand is beautiful. It's creamy in color with a slight gold shimmer to it. I expect this one to sell out quickly (watch how outrageous it will get on Ebay....) It's available at counters now but I haven't seen it online yet.

Disclosure- products featured were bought by yours truly.

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