Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Favorites

Yay it's Friday finally! My plans for this weekend include bday partying it up the bday girl Katie and making my favorite turkey chili. It's seriously freakin good, so good it's in my Friday Favorites below.

Upcoming on Pretty as Peaches- look out for my first giveaway. I also added my twitter account to this blog. You can follow me on Twitter at @prettypeachblog. I'm super duper interesting, I swear!

On to my Friday Favorites!

I love fun makeup, and MissChievous is the queen of fun makeup! I love her new tutorial on her Youtube channel.

As promised above, here's my favorite turkey chili recipe. OMG so good!

Here's my favorite picture of shoes this week. So blue, so pretty, so me. Love you my blue studded babies...

Brian Atwood Loca studded pumps

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  1. i love that video! don't know if i could recreate anything like that look lol but i love it! :)

    i wish i could cook! i cannot cook if it were to save my life haha!

  2. Khris- you of all people could recreate that look, I have faith in you!

  3. yummmm chili!!!

    And CUTE shoes!! Those are so very you. :)



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