Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Urban Decay Naked Palette: Good thing it sold out already..

Otherwise, I'd be flinging my money at it. It just launched today and I'm not surprised it sold out so fast. Not to fear, it will be back in stock soon.

Just look at the prettiness...


THIS is how Urban Decay does neutral! Far from a group of boring beige shadows, this long, lean, seductive case is packed with TWELVE gorgeous neutrals. Shades range from delicate champagnes to dark, gritty gunmetal, and feature FIVE NEW shades with names like Darkhorse, Virgin and Buck. We’ve also included a range of textures: everything from glitter to shimmer to matte.

The chocolaty velvet case is emblazoned with the word “NAKED” in gold foil lettering. (Just wait ‘til your friends see you pull this sexy thing out of your bag. Jealous!) The mirrored case also includes our first double-ended 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, featuring Zero (our award-winning black) and Whiskey, a NEW deep brown shade. We’ve also included a travel size Eyeshadow Primer Potion in our original formula.

You can buy the Naked Palette from Urban Decay here when it's back in stock. Otherwise, UD just launched new eyelashes, 11 new vegan brushes, and a vegan eyeshadow palette that are still available. The new lipglosses haven't made it up to their site yet but check back with Urban Decay soon! UD's fall line also launches in Macy's, Ulta, and Sephora nationwide August 1st.

Did you buy the new Naked palette before it sold out?


  1. I want one!:D

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    & Life According to Marie.

  2. Sold out already thats crazy but i agree it is beautiful. xx

  3. Thanks for the swatches! I think I'm going to get this for my Mum's birthday when it comes to the UK.

  4. No, I didn't get one before they sold out and I am JEALOUS!! :-) Beautiful colors, I love them.

  5. oh wow! Sold Out i wouldn't be surprise! The colors look so prettiful!
    haha you'll be creating tons of look! can't wait!

  6. i didn't buy it but the colors look amazing. :)

  7. OMG. I WAAAANT! not surprising that it's sold out though, haha :/

  8. Oh myyy... I am loving those nudey neutral shades. I've not seen this set before, but it looks fab!



  9. That is perfect for me!! WANT!

  10. http://makeupjunkyjess.blogspot.com/

    wow these are really great swatches! nice! this palette looks gorgeous--can't wait to buy for fall!

  11. It looks gorgeous! I think it so cool that they came out with vegan brushes and eyeshadows, I'm definitely going to check those out too :) x

  12. Ahh I want them, they look great.

  13. I want this too! But it seems like I always miss the best UD palettes. Two years and no Book of Shadows for me...I'll be sure to get this one!



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