Monday, June 21, 2010

The Tale of Two MAC Lippies

I depotted a bunch of eyeshadows about a weekend or two ago. At least I had Twilight on in the background to keep me company while I feverishly worked away with a straight iron and a paring knife. It's actually a really easy process, but I needed Edward for some company. Sorry Jacob.

I depotted enough to pick up two lipsticks using MAC's B2M program.

Say hello to Lovelorn and Sandy B. Hayyyyyy!

Ooo B2M tattoos!

Swatch of Lovelorn (Lustre)

Lovelorn is a glossy blue pink with plenty of pink pigment. It's perfect for cool colored ladies (or gents) like myself.

Swatch of Sandy B (Frost)

Sandy B is an uberfrosty light shell pink. I find it to be a little brownish on me but in a wearable way. This lippie is a bit too frosty but looks great under glosses such as Flurry of Fun or Smile.

What are your favorite MAC lippies? BTW can you back to MAC items you've gotten when you've B2Med in the past?

Jacob or Edward? Brad Pitt or yo momma? I'm actually a Ryan Reynolds type of girl. Douse him in glitter instead of Edward.


  1. Good choices! I'm going to B2M for Creme Cup tomorrow!

  2. I really like Lovelorn. I didn't think I could wear pink until I had my makeup done, and they used a light pink on my lips. Since then, I'm hooked!

  3. Lovelorn looks beautiful on you xx

  4. Those lipsticks are such lovely colours - they really suit you!
    Twilight = love! Ahh, Ryan Reynolds is so hot.

  5. Yeah. Ryan Reynolds is better than Edward. I personally have always loved Mark Wahlberg. Something about him...mmm mmm mmm! Thanks for subscribing!

  6. Both lipsticks are so pretty, why have I not seen these before? I love your lip swatches, anytime I try taking pictures of my lips they come out looking freaky. Def agree on the Ryan Reynolds, he is uber hot!



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