Friday, May 28, 2010

MAC To the Beach Haul

I hauled a few things from MAC's To the Beach collection.  Had I known everything was going to sell out the first day I would have bought Sweet & Punchy while I was at it but oh wells. I can't wait to try everything out! Let me know what you hauled from this collection in the comments!

Click on the pics for full size.

My precious... Marine Life High-light Powder- definitely more of a shimmery coral blush. For some reason it makes me sing "my little pony."

Hipness blush: a bit pinker and brighter than Instant Chic

Left to right: Beach Bound and Lazy Day. Beach Bound is a pretty peach color that doesn't turn a horrible orange color on my lips. It's a very pretty nude type of lip. Lazy Day is almost a glossier more pigmented version of Angel lipstick.

Flurry of Fun lipglass contains teal reflects. Super pretty over lippies!

Disclosure- products featured were bought by yours truly.
Products available at MAC


  1. Hi! i just found you're blog and I'm so glad I did! It's nice to see MAC swatches on someone my skin color/eyecolor/haircolor!

    I got two Beach Bound Lip colors two Splashing lip glosses and two light pink lip liners (I forgot the name!) I never buy back-ups but these looked so awesome on me I just HAD too LOL!


  2. Cute packaging and pretty colors. Can it get any better? I love the seahorse high-light darling!

  3. I am so jealous that you got your hands on Marine Life - it was long gone by the time I got there! I got Flurry of Fun too and love it!

    Best, Lisamarie



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