Thursday, July 22, 2010

PSA: MAC Jazzed Lipstick Back in Stock!

Whoot whoot! MAC Jazzed lipstick from the In the Groove collection is back in stock on the MAC website. Click here to purchase. Use the code 'PIGMENT' for free shipping.
Click here for lip swatches of Jazzed.
Also, I see Petticoat is back in stock as well. That's one of my personal fav's from this collection. Happy shopping!


  1. petticoat has become my favourite as well :D even more so than stereo rose! (but just slightly :p)

  2. i wanted jazzed but i own like a million coral lipsticks might have to buy it tho

  3. Woohoo at all this stuff being back in stock! Hope those that didn't get Jazzed can now.

    ps - I gave you an award on my blog... check it out.


  4. Yay! I missed Jazzed the first time around, but it will be mine now :) Thanks!



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