Sunday, July 11, 2010

Partylicious vs Parrot

You just might be wondering why the heck would I buy two items that look exactly the same... Ok, you're reading a beauty blog. Do I really have to justify this? Parrot eyeshadow is pretty as is Partylicious pigment.

Meet our two contenders, Partylicious pigment from the MAC Alice & Olivia collection and Parrot eyeshadow from who knows what collection. Anyone know?

I swear they're different.

How about some swatches.

Left to right: Partylicious, Parrot

Left to right: Parrot, Partylicious (sorry I changed the order).

Parrot is bluer than the teal Partylicious. Partylicious also has silver reflects in it. Partylicious looks like a peacock and Parrot looks like a parrot. Both are great to have. I just couldn't pass up Partylicious.

Disclosure: I bought these myself because I like stuff :)


  1. They are very similar but i can see the difference. I love blue colours on the eyes xx

  2. Hey I totally don't blame you for wanting both! I don't really do teals, but I thought Partylicious looked so gorgeous so I had to order it..I also ordered Later. Can't wait for them to arrive. Anyways, enjoy the new pigment!

  3. They look so similar. I want parrot. xx

  4. partylicious is a little lighter. They're very similar though

  5. I like Partylicious. It has this gold tint to it that can be seen in the sun.



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