Friday, July 16, 2010

Love and Pixie Dust- MAC Digi-Pop: Glaringly Hip Lip Swatches

MAC's Digi-Pop collection launched today exclusively for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I only picked up Glaringly Hip dazzle lipstick during the presale in June. I wasn't too keen on these little glitter bombs, but I thought this one would look good over other lipsticks. The Dazzle Lipsticks from this collection reminds me of the lipgelee's from the MAC in Lillyland collection in lipstick form.

You can see swatches from this collection here. Although they look glossy in the swatches, they feel a little dry on the lips. They look like you'd be able to feel the glitter on your lips but I couldn't.

Glaringly Hip

Close up

Glaringly Hip

Natural light

Over Lovelorn

So did any of you brave the Nordstrom Anniversary sale? Whatcha get? Link me to it from the Nordies website :)
I heard parking was obnoxious for some of you. I love a sale but I always feel a little claustrophobic if I go on the first day.


  1. It looks really pretty! I thought the shimmer would be more evident but anyway it is a lovely colour!

  2. Oh wow! its like you smeared a lot of sugar on your lips. It definitely look so much better with another lippie over it!

    I saw the Chanel quad on Rae's blogspot and thinking of picking that up~

    Anyway, i love the look you did on your previous post!

  3. oh they are pretty! enjoy your new goodies i'm going to wait until the pop up at the CCO lol

    I nominated you for some blog awards on my blog so check it out

    xO Beverly

  4. It looks glossy and glittery on your lips but in a good way. I completely skipped these b/c I can't pull off glitter. Shimmer yes..glitter..uh uh.

  5. I don't think that shade would be as pretty on me as it is on you, but I love the amount of glitter for a night out!

  6. oh that lipstick is freaking pretty!!!!



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