Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MAC In the Groove Swatches & Quick Review

I recently picked up some items from the In the Groove collection the other day. You're probably sick of seeing everyone's swatches, but I still want to share :)

I picked up Petticoat and Stereo Rose mineralize skinfinishes (MSF). I had By Candlelight from a previous collection.
MSF's are good all over highlighters, blushes, eye shadows, or whatever you want to make them. Petticoat is a beautiful raspberry with gold/amber veining, Stereo Rose is a coral with bronze sheen, and By Candlelight is a light golden pink. My favorite is Petticoat, I just love the pinky sheen it leaves on my cheeks. Stereo Rose is gorgeous too but not quite worth the hype behind it.

By Candlelight, Petticoat, Stereo Rose MES

I also bought Happy Together mineralize blush duo. I love the tawny warm pinky brown look it gives to my cheeks. It's very neutral but the pearl from the light color side of the duo really gives it some oomph.

With flash, top: Happy Together mixed. Left to right: Happy Together light side, Happy Together dark side, Stereo Rose, Petticoat.

Sunlight, top: Happy Together mixed. Left to right: Happy Together light side, Happy Together dark side, Stereo Rose, Petticoat.

When swatching Happy Together with my MSF's, I noticed how it looked very familiar to By Candlelight MSF. It's slightly darker than the light side of HT blush.

By Candlelight, far left, next to Happy Together

So far, I've been loving the new mineralize eye shadow trios that came out with this collection. They're very fine, with lots of pigmentation and little fallout. The staying power on these guys is awesome. With UDPP, my eyeshadow looked the same at night as it did when I first applied it.

Togetherness features lavender, blue purple, and a silver grey. At first I thought the grey looked like Knight Divine but it swatched nearly identical to Silver Ring. I'm wearing this trio here.

Togetherness next to Silver Ring

Togetherness swatched with Knight Divine (far right) and Silver Ring (bottom)

Soften the Mood features a satin light blue, light rose, and a light brown. I bought this trio mostly for the middle color. I love the pearly rose color but it has a bit of fallout. It's gorgeous by itself all over the lid.

When I got it home, I thought I'd made a mistake because it looked so much like Naked Lunch and Cork. Swatched, this trio looks like nothing like them. Cork is darker than the light brown in the trio but definitely in the same brown family. Naked Lunch looks nothing like the light rose color.

Soften the Mood with Naked Lunch (bottom) and Cork (right)

Soften the Mood (three colors on the bottom left). Top, left to right: Naked Lunch and Cork

I swatched the pearly rose color with other possible dupes. It's definitely got a cool streak in it.

Left to right, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Soft the Mood (light rose), Jest.

I really want to buy more eye shadows from this collection, but I'm trying to be good since Dare to Wear is coming up and I have way to many eye shadows anyway.

What are you loving from this collection?


  1. I'm loving the MSF and Jazzed. Glad you got a Stereo Rose without the drama.

  2. I had petticoat from a previous collection and I adore it! So amazing! Great post! :D



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