Saturday, July 10, 2010

MAC In the Groove and Alice & Olivia Haul

I feel like I kind of slacked getting my haul up MAC's In the Groove and Alice & Olivia Collections but I've had baby showers and pink on my mind. I'll spare you the long drawn out story on how lame it was to get Stereo Rose but the short version goes like this: a few days before the launch I thought I wanted Stereo Rose so I presaled it at Nordstrom. The night before the launch, they canceled my presale. I called 3 other Nordstrom's and they were all presaled out too. Lo and behold I found a Macy's counter that had one left so I they held it for me and I picked it up the day the In the Groove collection launched. I should have known better, I had to do the same thing to get the elusive Marine Life from the To the Beach collection.

I wasn't able to get swatches for the entire collections but if you'd like to see those I recommend hitting up Karla's website for swatches. She is the shiznit when it comes to swatching. Click here for In the Groove swatches and here for Alice & Olivia swatches.

I'll post soon with my own swatches and comparisons for my haul.

Click on the pictures to make them huggeeeee.

Top: 214 and 275 MAC brushes
Middle left to right: Stereo Rose MSF, Petticoat MSF, Togetherness MES
Bottom left to right: Partylicious pigment, Happy Together blush, Soften the Mood MES, Jazzed lipstick, Fashion Whim cremesheen glass.

What did you end up hauling from this collection? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Still waiting on my stuff to arrive :( I got: Stereo Rose and Petticoat, Togetherness, Jazzed, and I also ordered the Frisky Girl and Violet girl Look in A Box Sets. Great haul for me but I haven't gotten yet. I'm on the edge of my seat!! Nice haul! I couldn't get any of the pigments because they are all sold out online! I was really looking forward to those.

  2. Great haul. I posted mine yesterday but keep thinking I want to get a few more. Really loved this collection. xx

  3. I love the Soften the Mood MEs, I'm usually not a fan of the trios- but this one was too gorg to pass up!

  4. Ooh I would love it if you could swatch fashion whim on your lips.. I just "accidentally" bought it and youre the first person I've seen who got it too! x

  5. Great haul. I really wanted Jazzed but it's sold out everywhere =(

  6. great haul. ;)
    I picked up stereo rose, happy together, hang loose, jazzed and all styled up from this collection.

  7. love your haul! i would love to see some swatches of the cremesheen glass! i was looking at "on the scene" but this one looks good too! hehe i picked up both stereo rose and petticoat as well. Seems like your petticoat has more gold veining! hehe i love them! :D

  8. Great buys! I still can't decide whether to buy Togetherness or not, I'd love to see how you wear it!

  9. nice Haul! :) what I ended up with were Stereo Rose MSF, By Candlelight MSF, Togetherness MES, Style Influencer, Jazzed L/s . and then someone on specktra was so kind to get my Partylicious Pigment and Later Pigment.. i think i want to go back for comfort MSF - not truly convinced i need it.. lol but i don't know! i think i do want to go back for some more MES.. or perhaps even a blush.. but i don't know lol! i'm still undecided.

  10. Wow everyone got some great hauls!

    Laura- I actually did a FOTD just so I could show you togetherness. I'll put it up soonest!

    Myfitbeauty- I'm having to stop myself from going back to buy more MES's...

    Kristie- call random mac counters around the country to try to get them to send it to you.

  11. So glad you got your hands on SR! :) I can't wait for my stuff to arrive!!



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