Friday, August 26, 2011

MAC Me Over Haul and Swatches

Yesterday I packed up the baby and headed down to MAC to check out the new MAC Me Over Fall 2011 collection. I thought I'd be able to shop while he slept. Haha fat chance. Midway through swatching baby boy woke up and said oh heck no. Actually, he said wah wah wah pick me up, mommy. I still was able to do significant damage as you can see.

I ended up getting the new 226 brush, Stunner Blush, Lady Grey Eyeshadow Palette, Social Lite (top) and Spirit Lipglass (bottom), Outre, Carbonized and Creamy Bisque Eyeshadows.

Outre, Carbonized and Creamy Bisque Eyeshadows. Outre is a yellow brown that is an excellent crease color. It looks like it would be great on everyone. Carbonized, a deep brown, swatched very creamy in texture. Creamy Bisque is a pretty frosty ivory color but has sparkles like Vanilla eyeshadow.

Stunner Blush. This is described as a light coral pink. It reminds me of Well Dressed and swatches very pretty. Honestly, I like how Well Dressed looks on me more. Stunner just looked super powdery on me.

Social Lite and Spirit Lipglass. Social Lite is a very reflective neutral pink. Spirit is a muted plum brown color. Don't rush to buy Spirit since it's permanent.

Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quad. This quad swatches beautifully. On me it looks a bit too cool. I wore it today and just felt like my eyes looked ugly. I could see this quad looking beautiful on ladies with olive skin tones, or just anyone darker than my light butt. If you're going to buy this quad, buy it for Hazy Day (mid tone grey) in the bottom right. It reminds me of a lighter colored Smoke and Mirrors. It definitely has a hint of taupe.

Top row: Stunner, Outre, Creamy Bisque. Middle row: Lady Grey Eyeshadow Palette. Bottom row: Social lite, Spirit

MAC Me Over is quite a big collection. Weirdly, I was the only one crowded around the three displays. I'm used to having to take turns at a display since so many people crowd my local MAC store. If you end up checking out this collection, swatch the Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad. For lack of a better term, its quite horrid, and very chalky. Why would they even try to sell it is beyond me.

Did you end up hauling anything from this collection or are you passing?

Disclaimer: I bought everything featured.


  1. squeeee! i totally stopped myself from going over there for this collection. I was so nervous I'd like it all. If you recommend the lady gray for olive skin tones, I wonder if I can get away with it...I am olive-y in the summer when I get sun, otherwise I am so light I look like I have sulken eyes with cool palettes.

  2. Brenda- I usually look great in cool colors on my eyes but there's something about this quad that just fell flat on me. These are the types of colors my SIL wears (she has olive skin) and it looks great on her.

  3. i love the neutral-not-too-crazy colours in this collection. great pics!

  4. I have a lot of MAC stuff to buy after your FAB makeup job on me, so I probably won't get anything from this one! ;)



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