Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Very Small MAC Lippie Collection

For shits and giggles I thought I'd show off my small MAC lipstick collection. I always enjoy seeing other's collections, so I figured why not take pics of my used lippies and post them for yall to see ;-) As always, click on the pics to make them larger.

I couldn't find a couple lippies, but here's what I've got. I'm actually not the biggest fan of MAC lippies. I find Dior, Lancome, Chanel, and YSL to have better formulas. Stay tuned for my much larger eyeshadow collection.

Left to right: Viva Glam V, Syrup, Plum Dandy, Angel, Culture Class, Ultra-Madame, "O", Frenzy, Sophisto, Capricious, Bunny Pink, Hug Me, Hue, Beigeland, Bubblegum, Colour Me Coral, Viva Glam IV, Nude Rose

Left to right: Viva Glam V, Syrup, Plum Dandy, Angel, Culture Class, Ultra-Madame

Left to right: "O", Frenzy, Sophisto, Capricious, Bunny Pink

Left to right: Hug Me, Hue, Beigeland, Bubblegum, Colour Me Coral

Left to right: Bubblegum, Colour Me Coral, Viva Glam IV, Nude Rose

My favorites of the bunch are Angel, Nude Rose, and Hue. What are your favorite MAC lippies? Let me know in the comments!


  1. What a fab collection! I only really started wearing lipstick this year and I haven't tried much other than MAC and drugstore, I'm excited to try high end ones in the future though!
    My favourite MAC lipsticks are Pink Plaid, Ruby Woo and Girl About Town, but then again my collection is small! I really like Snob too but I don't have it!

  2. You've got a great collection of lip products there! My favourite MAC lippies have to be Way To Love (Oh how I hope they repromote this) and Lovelorn

  3. Oooh! I have a lot. I'm going to do this with mine and send to you. Sophisto is my favorite right now. O is one of my all-time favs for going out.

  4. Laura- I keep meaning to get snob. I think it's next on my list!

  5. Danielle- O has always been a favorite of mine. I think i've been through 3 tubes of the stuff since the 90s. Can't wait to see whatcha got!

  6. Kelly- ooo lovelorn is pretty! Thanks for enabling me ;-)

  7. You call that small? I only have 5 MAC lippies! Granted, I do have other brands too, Givenchy, Lancome, Natura...but hardly any MAC lippies for some reason, I always end up getting shadows. Out of the ones you have there, I like Hue, Angel & Nude Rose. Can't wait to see your shadow collection!

  8. Oh, you have such a nice collection! I only recently found out about MAC (a bit late... I know) but I really love their cremesheen lipsticks. My current favorite is Creme d'Nude. Colour me Coral and Nude Rose look lovely.



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