Sunday, March 14, 2010

Me Likey

I had to have them.

That's 4.5 inches of total black patent leather goodness.

The best part about this shoe? It has a fabric cuff at the top! That makes this
shoe by MICHAEL Michael Kor's so comfy!

Michael Kor's shoes are known for not only their quality but the way he arches his shoes, reduces fatigue in the feet. Nothing's worse than dancing in shoes that only last an hour. These are the shoes to get you back to your car that you didn't valet that night.

Oh Betsey Johnson, I love you. I couldn't pass you up for $38.


  1. Very cute shoes. I don't own any Michael Kors shoes, but I may just have to try them sometime.

  2. I love the shoes. They are so extravagant, just my style :)

  3. Those are gorgeous!! I love love love!



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