Thursday, May 27, 2010

MAC To the Beach Swatches

MAC's To the Beach collection launched today (technically yesterday at all Nordstrom's). Sheesh good luck getting a Marine Life high-light powder. That sold out before the collection even launched! Word of advice: if you really want anything that sold out of this collection, call around to random Macy's, Dillards, and MAC freestanding stores throughout the country (Oklahoma City anyone?). They'll ship it to you for a charge of about $12 or at least that's what I was quoted from Macy's.

As always, click on the photo for full size. Swatched on NW2o skin.

Ignore the glossy blob in the top left of this pic. I believe that's Smile dazzleglass.
Top row eyeshadows l-r: Sweet & Punchy, Firecracker, Sand & Sun
Second row blushes l-r: Hipness, Get-Away Bronze
Third row lipliners l-r: Life's a Breeze, Temperature Rising
Third row lipglass l-r: Splashing, Flurry of Fun, Easy Lounger
Bottom row lipsticks l-r: Lazy Day, Beach Bound, Thrills, Fun Bathing

Marine Life High-light Powder l-r: Dark top color, light pink bottom color, mixed

Me wearing the Marine Life high-light powder mixed.

What did you or are you planning to haul from this collection?


  1. Marine Life looks gorgeous on you. This thing was sold out so fast, the frenzy started far before the collection launched. Pretty crazy huh.

  2. Hahah yes I did go to the one at Grossmont! I was at Grossmont College and I had just finished taking my final so I decided to stop by. Hardly anyone goes to Otay so I always go there if something is coming out that's gonna sell out pretty fast. Nice to know you beat me to it (:

  3. Tina- whoops! I'm glad you got marine life. I would have felt kinda bad.

  4. Jen- Thanks chica! Yeah I had to track mine down at a far away Macy's. I bought the last ones! It's sad to see them going for $50+ on ebay.

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