Thursday, March 17, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Collection, Summer 2011 (preliminary info and pics)

I'll have had a baby by the time MAC's Surf Baby Collection comes out. Do you think I'll care about this collection by then? Most likely not but I will most likely be ordering via online instead of in store. Surf baby kind of reminds me of a cross between Liberty of London and last years summer collection. Everything is pretty but overall it fails to impress me. Am I burnt out on MAC? This collection seems very been there done that. I do like the hibiscus flower print though. (Click on the collection photo make it a little larger.)

What are your thoughts on this collection?

MAC Surf Baby Collection, Summer 2011
U.S. Launch Date
: May 26th, 2011
International Launch Date: June 2011

Grab the board, hop in the Jeep, cruise the Pacific Coast Highway… Surf’s up! The lure of the endless summer starts here with My Paradise Cheek Powder, Mini Blush Sticks, a Summer Stash of Crushed Metallic Pigments, Hibiscus Lipstick and Splashproof Lash Mascara that just won’t smudge. Colourful, lustrous, and full of life… journey to a world where feeling the rush means taking a risk. Hang Ten!

Blush $18.50 U.S.
My Paradise
-Coral orange with champagne gold flower

Lipstick $14.50 U.S.
Bust Out! -Soft violet
Hibiscus -Bright coral
Naturally Eccentric -Nude

Lipglass $14.50 U.S.
Girl on Board -Sheer gold
Good Lovin’ -Peach pink
Krazy Kahuna -Medium brown
Strange Potion -Pink coral

Crushed Metallic Pigment Stacks
Summer Stash -Pale pink, gray pink, purple, taupe
Surf the Ocean -Silver, aqua, gold, navy blue

Eyeshadow $14.50 U.S.
Saffron -Coral
Short Shorts -White champagne
Sun Blonde -Yellow with gold pearl
Surf U.S.A. -Aqua with teal pearl
Swell Baby -Medium gray

Nail Lacquer $13.50 U.S.
Hangin’ Loose -Beige
Ocean Dip -Aqua teal

Eye Liner $14.50 U.S.
Blue Noon -Teal
Gilded White -Shimmering off-white

Bronzing Powder
Solar Riche

Studio Careblend Pressed Powder

Tan Tint
Billionaire -Bronze Soft gold
Guilty Bronze -Copper bronze



  1. Definitely want that coral blush, surprise surprise! :)

  2. Justine- lol that's no surprise to me!

  3. I want the coral blush too and the lipstick! lol I think the blush is going to sell out in matter of minutes :D

  4. I'm a bit excited about this collection because I love everything to do with the beach and summer :)

  5. how gorgeous is that blush? i need it! right now!!! lol

  6. I am so buying from this collection;]



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