Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beauty Goods On My Radar

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a great Halloween! We didn't do too much for it since my hubs had to work over the weekend. We dressed up the little one as a dinosaur and masqueraded him at a friend's house. He didn't really put up with his costume all too long but just long enough to show off his cuteness.
On to the pretty stuff. I'm always wanting to try new things so here's my current lists of wants:

Z Palette: Currently I'm using MAC's palettes but after seeing Z Palettes online I really like the clear lids. One of my gripes with MAC palettes is that I have to search thru them all to figure out what I need. I hear they're made of cardboard but hopefully their construction is sturdy. You can purchase them for yourself here.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer: I think dark circles are starting to creep up on me a little bit (can I blame the baby???). I'm really intrigued by the design and treatment promises of this concealer. So far reviews are saying that although the sponge tip looks like something you'd be grossed out with, it actually works very well to apply concealer. It's antimicrobial so you can't get too grossed out with it. You can purchase this bad boy here.

CoverGirl Lash Perfection: I'm a HUGE fan of CoverGirl Lash Blast. This promises to individualize and volumize lashes. My one gripe with original Lash Blast is it seems to wear off a little bit towards the end of the day but it's so dang cheap I don't care. You can buy this stuff for yourself here.

Do you have any current beauty wants that I should want too or have you tried any of these beauty goodies? Let me know in the comments! I love STUFF!


  1. Havent tried any of these. Would love to give the mascara s shit. Cover Girl always has good mascara.

  2. Girlie- lol typo? CG has never let me down!

  3. I saw the Z palette at IMATS. It is made out of cardboard and quite pricey so I didn't pick one up. Let me know how you like them. Say hi to baby Peaches for me!!

  4. Hey Doll, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It's much appreciated.

    By the way, I've been wanting to try Z-Palette. I love the clear lid too! :)



  5. I have yet to try Z palettes, I'll definitely check them out at IMATS next year.:D

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  6. I wanna try the mascara!

    Im having a giveaway. you should check it out :)

  7. Check out the Maybelline Color Explosion eyeshadow palettes. I'm sure you've seen the ads for them... that's what sucked me in. The shades are so bright and pigmented and sparkly (I'm loving sparkly looks right now). I ended up buying the green, purple, and blue palette and the colors are gorgeous!



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