Monday, August 29, 2011

Box of Organizational Fun

For a while now I've been quite envious of other bloggers and their organizational skills. Organization is a foreign word to me. I keep all my makeup in a drawer and under my bathroom sink. It spills out and has also found it's way on top of my dressers. It's a big ol' mess. I'm really not an organized type of person. Usually things end up in piles but I know exactly where everything is in those piles. I decided I really need to clean up my makeup so I can find things a little more easily.

If I had an extra $300 I'd buy the clear cube. to house all of my makeup goodies. Everything would have a home and it would make me oh so happy. It would also make a great birthday gift .

First up on the list to organize: lipstick. I found this gem of a box when searching out organizational tools online. It holds 50 lipsticks, and is like a tackle box for lippies! Now all my lipsticks can have a home. The box features plastic cut outs that fit even my big YSL lipsticks. This fits all of my MAC bullets wonderfully but it will not close if I put a MAC Lipglass into it.

Next up on the list to organize: makeup brushes. They're just sitting in an plastic box, buried underneath each other...

Do you have any tips and tricks for organizing your makeup stash? Feel free to send me some links to help a sista out!

The lipstick organizer box is $14.95 and available here for purchase.

Disclosure: I bought this myself.


  1. OoOh why are makeup storage boxes so pretty but so expensive >.<
    thanks for sharing x



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